Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Spotted: Scott Jaeck

Scott Jaeck has had no trouble finding acting gigs since his days as Cain Garver on "Santa Barbara." He's been Paige Matthews' biological father Sam on the WB's "Charmed" off and on over the years (even this very year). He's played Dr. Steven Flint on "ER" and FBI Agent Kriegel on "NYPD Blue." This past weekend, as we cracked into a fabbo set of old videotapes, we completely rediscovered that he was Captain Janeway's original No. 1, before the ship got lost, on "Star Trek: Voyager" (character name: Lt. Commander Cavit). How fun!

Last night, however, this actor with the pretty good acting chops, pretty distinctive gray hair and pretty confusing last name turned up on none other than BRB's massively favorite new show, "Prison Boys." Ooops, er ... we mean, "Prison Break"! (And thanks, Fox, by the way, for taking an impossible premise and making a dynamite show out of it! ... But is D.B. doing to be OK? We really like him! And John! We like him, too! C-Note rocks, too. The way he and D.B. started to respect each other ... And the brothers ... oooooh the brothers ... we won't even go there!) Anyway! In a previous episode and in last night's episode, he's played a slimy secret-agent type. Last night he iced one of the good characters. Yikes! Rock on, Mr. Jaeck!

BRBTV News Blog Blip: Priscilla Presley, former Jenna Wade on "Dallas" but better known as Mrs. Elvis, just gave the final four contestants of "American Idol" a special tour of Graceland, as we lead up to tonight's phase of the competition, which will have them crooning Elvis Presley songs.

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