Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Gordon Thomson on MyNetworkTV

Gordon Thomson, who is a BRBTV double-shot as Adam Carrington on "Dynasty" and the third and final Mason Capwell on "Santa Barbara," will be appearing on Fox's new alternative network this fall, MyNetworkTV. Thomson will star in a "telenovela" called "Act of Betrayal." The character he'll play, named Theodore, is a lot like Blake Carrington, he told USA Today.

MyNetworkTV, which you can find at, debuts on September 5 with two "bold" drama series. Earlier this spring, the network was busy signing affiliates across the country, in markets like St. Louis, Portland, Ore., and Kansas City. The network is planning 12 hours of original primetime programming.

Thomson's "Act of Betrayal" will also star Sean Young. It's plotline, from "Young will play a woman whose husband leaves her for another woman. Two decades later, she puts in motion a plan to bring him down by grooming her two sons to marry his daughters." Yummy ...

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