Thursday, July 13, 2006

Linda Gray in "Terms of Endearment"

Linda Gray, who certainly grew her character of Sue Ellen Ewing through the seasons of "Dallas," will star in a new stage production of Larry McMurtry's well-known book "Terms of Endearment" next year.

Gray will portray Aurora Greenway in the play, which revolves around the conflicted relationship of the selfish Aurora and her resolute daughter Emma. "Thrown into the mix are issues of marriage, children and illness, which serve to test the boundaries of love between mother and daughter," according to The role of Aurora earned Shirley MacLaine an Oscar in the 1983 film version of McMurtry's novel.

The show will be presented as a co-production between the Alley Theatre in Texas (where it will run March 30, 2007 through April 29, 2007) and Hartford Stage in Connecticut (where it will play May 24, 2007 through June 24, 2007). You can learn more, and find out about tickets for the Connecticut shows, at

In other Linda Gray news, the actress is reportedly campaigning to get a role on ABC's "Desperate Housewives." The website has set up a petition you can sign if you, too, believe that Gray should move into Wisteria Lane:

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