Friday, July 14, 2006

Jack Scalia: Name that pic!

It's been a bit of a "Dallas" week here at the BRBTV News Blog, so let's continue right along on that theme, shall we? There's not much BRBTV loves more -- when we're not indulging in one of those bad Lifetime movies about somebody-stealing-her-baby-or-getting-amnesia-or-somesuch -- than indulging in one of the rather dreadful, homemade Sci Fi original movies at 9 p.m. every Saturday. From "Frankenfish" to Mansquito," we're positively hooked. But now, a special treat -- one of our BRBTV stars, in a brand-new Sci Fi original.

Mr. Jack Scalia, known to us as the mobbie Nicholas Pearce / Joey Lombardi on "Dallas," will star in the tentatively titled "Deadly Water." Now, we say tentatively, because Sci Fi is asking viewers to give the film a better name. The plotline that you can go on, as you're submitting your suggestions: "A marine archeologist and a sailor team up to search for a priceless ancient treasure, only to find themselves in danger from a giant squid that seems to be protecting the treasure, and a ruthless rival who wants the artifact for himself." Hmm ... we enjoy good calamari just as much as the next person, but ...

Scalia, who's front and center in the film, is joined by Victoria Pratt, the feral female of the syndicated drama "Mutant X." Charlie O'Connell of "Sliders" is thrown in for good measure.

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Scalia has had no shortage of acting work over the years, since that whole nasty window incident with Sue Ellen. Notably, he appeared in Wes Craven's "Red Eye" last year.

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