Thursday, September 20, 2007

Camille Marchetta releases third novel

Camille Marchetta's name should sound familiar to "Dallas" fans -- even "Dynasty" fans. Not only is her last name the same as the last name of one of the "Dallas" characters (remember Jenna's evil ex, Naldo?), but she's one of the talented writers who created the "Dallas" action in the earlier years. She did the same for "Dynasty" a few years later.

These days, Camille Marchetta is still writing -- but novels instead of TV scenes. She just published her third novel, "The River, By Moonlight."

In New York City in 1917, the wealthy and beautiful Lily Canning is only 25 years old and is a promising artist. But when she ends up dead in the Hudson River, suicide seems an unlikely possibility. In "The River, By Moonlight," Marchetta reveals Lily's intriguing life in layers. It's "a deeply moving study of grief and despair, of the resilience of human nature, and the triumph of determination and hope," the book's description says.

The book joins 1998's "The Wives of Frankie Ferraro" and 1991's "Lovers and Friends" in Marchetta's collection.

You can learn more about Camille Marchetta at her official website, and you'll catch a special BRBTV interview with her in the upcoming print edition of the BRBTV fact book "Destination: Dallas."

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