Thursday, September 27, 2007

A look at our new "Dallas" and "Dynasty"-type shows this season

As we mentioned earlier on the BRBTV News Blog, comparisons are flying for the new fall TV season between our beloved classic soaps "Dallas" and "Dynasty" and a couple shows just hitting the airwaves. "Cane" is a CBS drama centering around a wealthy South Florida Cuban family in the sugar-cane business and stars Jimmy Smits, as well as Ken Howard, our own Garrett Boydston of "Dynasty" and "The Colbys." "Dirty Sexy Money" is an ABC soap focusing on a lawyer who succeeds his father as the attorney for a wealthy but really troubled family.

Here's a look at what everybody's saying about these two shows, and how they relate to the our classic soaps ...

The San Jose Mercury News says "It's like 'Dynasty' all over again, but much edgier."

The Palm Beach (Fla.) Post notes that "Cane" raised some Cain locally when a high-powered real-life family wondered if the story was based on them.

Ain't It Cool News doesn't care for "Cane" very much.

The Deseret Morning (Utah) News talks about the different tones of the two shows.,5143,695212842,00.html

The Chicago Sun-Times says "Sleazy 'Money' will make you feel dirty.",CST-FTR-elf25.article

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