Monday, September 10, 2007

"Star Trek," by way of BRBTV!

You know, "Star Trek" isn't actually part of the BRBTV world, but we love it so much that we couldn't help but follow up this past weekend's post with another "Star Trek"-related item. But this particular film project is such a bevy of "Trek"ness and BRBTVness, it's like a yummy smorgasbord ...

"InAlienable" is a sci-fi flick written by none other than Walter Koenig, our beloved Chekov of the original "Trek." Not only does Koenig also star in the film, but his son Andrew does, too. They're joined by Marina Sirtis (the lovely Deanna Troi), Gary Graham (the Vulcan ambassador on "Enterprise"), Richard Herd (that Karl Malden lookalike who played the stern Admiral Owen Paris in "Star Trek: Voyager"), Judy Levitt (who appeared in three "Trek" movies), Erick Avari (who had roles in "Enterprise," "Deep Space Nine" and "The Next Generation" and was more than memorable last season as Mohinder's dad in NBC's "Heroes") and several others who have "Trek" connections.

And the BRBTV tie-ins? Read onward ...

- The aforementioned Gary Graham, who was heckin' near typecast as the sibling crook on "Dukes of Hazzard" episodes
- The aforementioned Richard Herd, who was Jim Ellison on "Dynasty" and detective John Mackey on "Dallas"
- The aforementioned Judy Levitt, who was Marion in the "Dynasty" pilot
- Jay Acovone, who starred in the 2000 "Dukes" reunion movie, "Hazzard in Hollywood"
- Richard Hatch, who played Dean Caldwell on "Dynasty" as well as one of the Stephen Slades on "Santa Barbara"

You can keep up with the film's progress on Walter Koenig's official website.

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