Monday, September 24, 2007

Some bits and pieces from around the web ...

Jack Coleman compares his role on NBC's hot "Heroes," which has its season premiere tonight, to his role as the second Steven Carrington on our beloved "Dynasty":

Did "The Colbys" kill off the beloved aforementioned "Dynasty"? One blogger speculates, and he offers some nice, lush photos of the spinoff and some fun videos:

(Of course, "Dynasty" is coming up in conversation a great deal right now around the web, with the launch of soaps "Dirty Sexy Money" and "Cane" this month. The comparisons are inevitable.)

Lesley-Anne Down, our own Stephanie Rogers of "Dallas," who also appeared on "Dynasty" as Nurse Ellena Corey, is highlighted in a special feature on The Soap Dispenser:

By the way, be sure to catch the two-week series of fall TV previews in BRB's entertainment blog at Congoo:
Today the topic is CBS.

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