Friday, August 29, 2008

Hair Dare: It's all about the hair

Wowzers, what a week. We round out our full week of coverage of the 2008 Hair Dare Dukes Weekend with a look at the cause at the heart of it all: the fight against cancer.

Traditionally, the show has raised money for the work of the Canadian Cancer Society. This year, the funds zeroed in on a scholarship fund for a student who is surviving cancer.

Some folks took pledges to make their own "hair dare." Every year, show organizer Paul Harrington vows to shave his head to raise funds, and his friend Glenn Call of Massachusetts generally follows suit, as he did again this year. Tanya, fiancee of Paul's son Lance (and shown on the left in the photo below), added her own dare: she wanted to get her hair cut, anyway, but she kicked it up a notch by saying she'd actually shave her head if she could collect $500. It was close! Was that a bit of relief in her voice, as she told BRBTV the amount fell a little short, her hair so sweetly nipped into the bob she wanted? Hmmm ....

At the very end of the event, at 4:30 p.m. Sunday, Paul invited Felix Silla to the stage to do the honors on his annual balding ...

Is there something ironic about having Cousin Itt of "The Addams Family" cut your hair? We won't say that Silla didn't seem to enjoy it!

Byron Cherry is amused! He got his turn when it came time for Glenn's hair to be cut. In fact, all the event's special guests took a shot: Silla and Cherry, and Don Pedro Colley and BRB.

Here, Paul's parents (his mother a cancer survivor) join him for a special shot.

Photos by Billie Rae Bates / BRBTV
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Cousin Don said...

To say Tanya was relieved.... is a understatment!! She was literally shaking in her shoes when the donations passed $450!!! Only person as scared as her.... was Lance!!! I don't think he liked the idea of his lady love.... being a cueball!! (LOL)

In a related note.... I heard Billie Rae has offered to have her head shaved, if she can get $1000 in donations! (LOL) said...

Ten grand and I'd consider it. It sounds quite liberating, actually!!!!!