Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ken Kercheval takes a more mobsterly turn

"Aging kingpin" ... We're not so sure we've ever seen Ken Kercheval slapped with that particular label, but it's the classification he's got for the new film "Corrado," which began shooting earlier this summer.

Our buddy Cliff Barnes of "Dallas" portrays Vittorio Spinello, the newest target of top-notch L.A. hitman Corrado. He's offed early in the movie, but we're sure his screen time will be superb! He's joined by Tom Sizemore (as his son), Frank Stallone and Johnny Messner for the movie, written and directed by Adamo P. Cultraro. Los Angeles shooting locations include the airport, according to one poster on the film's IMDb page.

The plotline from said IMDb, where you can see the movie's poster: "Corrado is the best there is in the city of L.A. Pimped by his nefarious handler, Frankie, he performs jobs ranging from tune-ups to outright hits. Frankie loves Corrado for his lack of mercy, for his coldness and readiness to do the job no matter what. Now Frankie has a pearl of a job for Corrado - hit the aging kingpin Vittorio Spinello in his own house. Make it look like Vittorio's death is an accident, get out, and $500K is his. Corrado readily accepts. Corrado is about to perform the hit when he is interrupted by Vittorio's brand-new live-in nurse, Julia, and winds up shooting Vittorio dead and escaping out the window to leave Julia holding the bag. Julia doesn't have to wait long for Vittorio's son Paolo to discover her standing by his father's corpse. In an unreasonable rage he accuses her of killing his father, or at least being complicit in his death. Corrado overhears this on the other side of the window he has escaped from, and somehow can't leave her to die for his sins. In his rage, Paolo murders his father's consigliere, Tommaso. In a split second Corrado rescues her, and now he has an entire crime family hell-bent on catching him and Julia. Paolo will stop at nothing to avenge his father's death, even deploying his crooked cops headed by Officer Tony to reel them in. Will Corrado and Julia escape with their lives?"

Kercheval was last seen on-screen two years ago on "Crossing Jordan."

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