Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Victor Gorelick of Archie gets the Inkpot Award

From Archie Comics

Archie Comics' Editor-in-Chief Victor Gorelick was honored with a surprise presentation of the legendary Inkpot Award during last week's 2008 Comic-Con International. The Inkpot Award was presented to Gorelick by the comic con's Gary Sassaman during Gorelick's Spotlight Panel.

Victor Gorelick has worked at Archie Comics for 50 years, and is a veteran of the comic industry. He joined Archie as an art assistant, and has served as production coordinator and art director. After being art director for a number of years, he was promoted to managing editor, and Richard Goldwater became president and editor-in-chief. Gorelick now services as Archie Comics' editor-in-chief.

"Victor has unique knowledge of every facet of the editorial process required to create and publish successful comics," Archie's press materials say. "He has done everything from writing to coloring, and everything between. He has highly regarded artistic skills and an eye for meticulous detail. He also has a well-honed sense of the wholesome content of Archie Comics that has been the basis for the bond of trust built with readers by Archie Comics down through the years. He has worked closely with numerous companies designing various custom comic books. For example, he has overseen collaborations between Archie Comics and Kraft General Foods, Radio Shack and even the F.B.I.! He is a moving force on the Comic Magazine Association of America's Code Authority Guidelines Committee, a member of the board of advisors of the Joe Kubert School where many of today's comic artists first learned their craft, and he has taught cartooning as an instructor at the Kingsborough Community College in New York City."

Comic-Con International has awarded the Inkpot Award since 1974. It's an achievement award given to professionals in comic book, comic strip, animation, science fiction, and related pop-culture fields.

Past Archie Comics recipients of the Inkpot Award include Al Hartley in 1980, Bill Woggon in 1981, Dan DeCarlo and George Gladir in 1991, Stan Goldberg in 1994, Irv Novick in 1995, Batton Lash in 2004, Bob Bolling, Bob Fujitani and Dexter Taylor in 2005.

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