Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hazzard in the Hills: More of the fun

In our second of two parts of our coverage of the first-ever Hazzard in the Hills event in lovely Helen, Georgia, we offer a few more glimpses of the fun this past Saturday.

A Tennessee State Trooper, too? The event drew a wide variety of classic cars.

You can't call it the "Dukes" without a little Dixie presence!

BRB couldn't resist getting a shot of these two classic Camaros, since her bro has a beautiful dark-green and white '69 Camaro just like this second one!

Don Schisler, who served as transportation director of the series, was on hand to chat with fans. He is a kind and personable fellow, and he looooovvvves talking the "Dukes" (see our October 17, 2007 post). He also brought his lifelong friend, Don Toth, shown here on the left with him. Both have worked on a variety of Hollywood projects. Schisler even told BRBTV how he worked on five episodes of "Dallas." He couldn't recall the season or year, but he remembered meeting Larry Hagman. "He was so nice," Schisler said (echoing the sentiment of virtually everyone BRB spoke to in the production of the "Destination: Dallas" reference guide!). Schisler's job on "Dallas" was working the camera car, or insert car, as it's often referred to on the call sheet. He was towing vehicles that were holding actors in conversation for a scene.

Schisler's friend Don Toth, meanwhile, currently works for Channel 2 in Atlanta, and has worked for them for a number of years, ever since he helped them out technically in covering the Oklahoma City bombing in the mid-'90s. Toth also has worked on movies such as "Robocop" and the Jack Nicholson flicks "Terms of Endearment" and "The Witches of Eastwick." He remembers Nicholson being a "sweetheart," a genuinely nice celebrity when not every celebrity is. "He's such a personable fellow," Toth told BRBTV.

Toth lives in Metro Atlanta, as does Schisler and his wife. The two friends grew up together in Dearborn, Michigan, where Schisler worked for the Ford Motor Co. for more than two decades. It was more than appropriate, BRB told him on Saturday, that he was wearing a shirt depicting cars -- because this is a man who has made cars his life! And his contribution to the beautiful blazin' orange TV icon, the General Lee, will forever be appreciated!

Photos by Billie Rae Bates / BRBTV

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