Saturday, August 22, 2009

Louise Sorel talks about her return to daytime

She departed with "her butler, $40 million in cash and a limousine." Sound a little like Augusta Lockridge of our beloved "Santa Barbara"? Well, certainly. It was Louise Sorel, but it wasn't Augusta. It was another of her alter-egos, Vivian Alamain of "Days of Our Lives." Sorel will reprise her role on the NBC soap this fall.

Sorel, who's also working on her memoirs right now, chats about the show, the characters and the state of soaps today in an interview with And she mentions "SB" a time or two.

Sorel took on the role of Vivian Alamain a few months after she left "SB," and she ran it until 2000. has a little more on Sorel's return.

And Entertainment Weekly notes that Sorel also will be cohosting the Soap Opera Digest Awards.

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