Friday, August 07, 2009

Spotted: Barbara Bel Geddes

"You're Lucia Clay, you're 26, and Alan says you're very lovely." So a woman tells herself amid her nightly dreams, as a foghorn sounds in the distance ...

That young lady is Barbara Bel Geddes, two decades before she perched herself at the "other" head of the table at Southfork on "Dallas," and the episode is "The Foghorn" of "Alfred Hitchcock Presents." Clad in light satin and long luxurious gloves in a sumptious ballroom scene, she quickly steals the heart of her fiance's business associate, played by Michael Rennie. She's unmistakable, our younger Miss Ellie Ewing, with her sweetly mannerisms. Tiny as a thimble, she sashays out of her engagement and into a budding friendship with this (married) man. Despite their happy times together, she develops a feeling of dread. And that's all we can say!

The March 1958 episode was part of the show's third season. No surprise, Bel Geddes also appeared in Hitchcock's film "Vertigo" that same year.

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