Thursday, August 27, 2009

Spotted: Joan Collins

Making a grand entrance just before the opening theme? Well, that we can believe. But on the TV show "Roseanne"?

Yes, indeed, it was our own one-and-only Alexis Colby of "Dynasty" splashing into a 1993 episode of the hit sitcom starring Roseanne Barr / Arnold. Playing Ronnie, a high-falutin' cousin of Roseanne who snubbed her out of being a bridesmaid for her wedding, Collins enters the title character's loose-meat diner and immediately dives into the cattiness for not only Roseanne but her business partners.

"You know, I'm a little busy now. Can you come back and envy me in about 10 minutes?" she says to Nancy as the Sandra Bernhard character asks her if that's a real Fendi bag.

"I heard Becky got married," she slyly says to her cousin. "Any grandchildren yet?"

There's even a "Dynasty" reference, as the girls are reminiscing through old photos:

"Oh, God, is that mudfight going to haunt me forever!" Collins says with an eye roll.

"Yea," Roseanne pipes up, "remember how upset I got with you for stealing my boyfriend Blake?"

Despite the drastic change of scenery, tone, format and camera style(!), Collins has just about as many costume changes as the typical "Dynasty" episode -- from a smart blue suit to patterned leggings to cheetah blouse and tightie-pants to simple blouse and jeans. And though she enters with a rich, sophisticated, snobbish aura, she softens as the storyline advances.

The episode, titled "First Cousin, Twice Removed," even features a verbal catfight. For a minute, anyway.

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