Monday, July 19, 2010

The BRBTV Reports are now available on Kindle

A few years back, BRBTV hatched this hairbrained idea for a new product in its line, a shorter, snappier reference guide, something nice and quick and fun with basically a feature story and an episode guide, costing only a buck and taking a whole lot less time to put together than those blessed fact books.

Thus was born the BRBTV Report, and really the impetus for this new product was the invitation from Amazon to join its then-brand-new Amazon Shorts program. Published electronically only, and designed for the shorter form, the Amazon Shorts were the perfect vehicle for BRBTV guides to various animated series that might not warrant a whole book full of info. The Shorts program launched the first five BRBTV Reports, one by one, beginning with a guide to the 1999-2000 animated series "Archie's Weird Mysteries" in July 2006. Following six months of exclusivity, we released full-color, graphic-intense, PDF versions of each Short on

In May, Amazon discontinued its Shorts program, so BRBTV has converted the text of each BRBTV Report into a Kindle version, now available on Amazon. These text-only versions sell for a cool, low price -- that same buck! Alongside them, the same colorful PDF versions are still available at

We hope you enjoy them! And look for more BRBTV Reports and fact books on the horizon.


Krista said...

That's so cool that you're going the Kindle route! I'll have to look you up on my I know what I need to download next!

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