Monday, July 12, 2010

"Dallas" stars have all kinds of 2010 projects going on

We're halfway through 2010, and the cast of our beloved "Dallas" is busy, busy, busy, lighting up our screens both big and small. Here's a rundown of who's doing what, and sometimes even when!

Patrick Duffy
That Bobby Ewing gets to reunite with his "Step By Step" castmate Christine Lakin in "You Again," due in September. Kristen Bell, Sigourney Weaver, Jamie Lee Curtis, and hot-girl-of-the-year Betty White are also in the cast.

Linda Gray
Our former Sue Ellen Ewing plays the title character's mother in "The Flight of the Swan," filming in Athens and scheduled for release in October.

Charlene Tilton
- "Cheerleader Camp" makes sense for our Lucy Ewing, since we seem to remember that whole cheerleader thing early on in the series. Tilton plays herself in this one.
- "Mean Parents Suck" has been kicking around for a while. In this one, Tilton plays a "drunken lush," according to the film's site.

Sheree J. Wilson
The former April Ewing takes on "The Gundown," along with William Shockley, we might add, whom we greatly miss since "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman" went off the air.

Audrey Landers
Our own Afton Cooper is a nurse in "A Fonder Heart." The megawatt cast includes Daryl Hannah, Stockard Channing, James Brolin, Shelley Long, Louis Gossett Jr. and Rachel Hunter.

George Kennedy
That George Kennedy -- we're so glad he's still out there, making his way with the best of 'em. He stars in "Six Days in Paradise" with David Carradine.

Andrew Stevens
Our own Casey Denault is in producing mode these days, with "Unearthed" and "Breaking the Press."

Mary Crosby
That poor gal who'll always be remembered for shooting J.R. joins Noah Wyle in "Queen of the Lot."

Frederic Lehne
Our own Eddie Cronin stars in "Surviving Me."

Derek McGrath
The former Ozwald Valentine is featured in "Planting Season."

And the record for new work certainly goes to ...

Christopher Atkins ... wowzers ...
  1. The Hard Ride .... George Custer
  2. Gathering of Heroes: Legend of the Seven Swords .... Garrik Grayraven
  3. Amy .... Chris
  4. Serpent Rising .... Daniel Dodd
  5. Stained Glass Windows .... Detective Marshall
  6. Exodus Fall .... Wayne Minor
Atkins recently announced on the Facebook page for his film "The Man With the Child in His Eyes" that a $50 donation will get your name in the credits. Atkins says he dedicates the film to war vets and a children's hospital.

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