Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Comic-Con: Paul Dini talks about "Tower Prep"

BRBTV gives you another day of Comic-Con International coverage from San Diego-beautiful-California with the latest project of Paul Dini of our beloved "Batman: The Animated Series." Dini is writing for the live-action Cartoon Network series "Tower Prep," coming this fall.

During a Sunday panel at the con, Dini talked about how this show, set at a prep school, came from his desire to "create shows that were compelling and fantastic that spoke to an audience in a way that hasn't been addressed before."

What was his inspiration? "I just looked back on my childhood and thought about incidences when I was a kid. I went to a prep school, and I went back to my feelings of what it was like at the time. For the first year, it was absolutely ghastly, and I thought, I'm going to use that someday."

Dini was joined by (from the right in the above photo, after moderator Harry Knowles and Dini) fellow series writer Glen Morgan for the panel, as well as actors Drew Van Acker (Ian Archer), Ryan Pinkston (Gabe Forrest), Elise Gatien (C.J.), and Dyana Liu (Suki Sato).

Do shows like "Tower Prep" mean Cartoon Network is moving away from cartoons, Dini was asked by a panel attendee. No, he said, the network is still buying lots of cartoons. They just discovered there's an audience for the live-action shows.

Photo by Billie Rae Bates / BRBTV
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Bulletridden Bedhead said...

Uh, yeah, but what about the show?

What was the general plotline?

Where there any clips shown?

If so, describe them, please.

When exactly can we expect to see it.

Were there any questions about Dini and Arkham Asylum 2?

Nathan Birnbaum said...

Nice pic, I haven't seen anything about this panel anywhere else. It's like no one covered it and no one cared. Sad. I love Dini!

Are there any other details you can provide us about the panel?

Anonymous said...

More info? said...

Thanks for reading, guys. I'll do a follow-up post for Tuesday. The panel covered not only "Tower Prep" but also the "FireBreather" animated series that's coming this fall. I'm surprised that no one else seems to have covered the "Tower Prep" stuff.