Friday, June 15, 2012

Premiere of new "Dallas" deals up some great ratings

TNT's next-generation "Dallas" had no problem with luring in an audience, "striking it rich" as a couple online  news agencies have said. Nearly 7 million of us tuned in on Wednesday night, as the Hollywood Reporter notes. And temper that number with the fact that nowadays people know they can go online and watch it later, and you've got a pretty good figure.

Check out CNN's coverage, which features video of the cast members lookin' good as they're talking to Piers Morgan.

Didya miss it? Run right over to TNT's "Dallas" video site. See a guide to the core characters and lots of lush video interviews and clips and photos and such there, too. Dallas Fanzine also has a nice gallery of photos, as well as its own original interviews with cast members.

BRBTV absolutely loved the premiere of the new show, believing it showed the utmost respect for the original product, with, of course, some shinier production values and a captivating new cast. While we're purists and would've loved to have seen the originals in the roles of John Ross and Christopher, we're quite enamored with Josh Henderson and Jesse Metcalfe after watching their debut. And we'll be updating the "Destination: Dallas" Kindle version soon to reflect the new show and its continuity!

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