Monday, June 11, 2012

Spotted: Christopher Cazenove and Stephanie Beacham

What happens when Ben Carrington and Sable Colby get together? Well, sparks do fly, but we're not talking about an episode of "Dynasty" or "The Colbys." This is the 1992 miniseries "To Be the Best," the third installment in the "Woman of Substance" series by Barbara Taylor Bradford.

Lindsay Wagner takes the lead role of Paula O'Neill, but Christopher Cazenove and Stephanie Beacham get the juicy parts of plotting against her as Jonathan Ainsley and Arabella. What Jonathan doesn't know in the story, though, is that Arabella is plotting against him, too! Isn't that just like our Sable Colby?

The miniseries was made a few years after they each did their time on "Dynasty," but Cazenove is every bit as dashing as he was playing Ben Carrington. And just as nasty, too. Beacham plays it sweet and compliant as Arabella, who becomes Jonathan's wife, but she has an edge. Cazenove, who was 49 for the role, does some chest-baring and I'm-still-a-virile-man theatrics like a workout scene with a rowing machine. And for our lovely former Sable, the producers certainly make use of her natural feminine appeal and stately poise.

A recommended view, and we thank James for passing it along to us!

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