Sunday, June 24, 2012

Reboot "Dallas," reboot some delicious "Dallas" merchandise

Ahhh ... we remember the days of researching "Dallas" for our BRBTV reference guide "Destination: Dallas." For the merchandise chapter, we combed eBay and other sites across the Internet to dredge up these precious pieces of the past ... "I Shot J.R." T-shirts, card games, jigsaw puzzles and glassware ... We remember thinking, "Oh, if we could only travel back in time and snatch up a bunch of that stuff when it first hit the shelves ..."

Well, the shelves are now measured in MB, and the time is now. TNT is celebrating its reboot of our classic beloved series with a yummy new array of goodies, and some even resemble playful throwbacks. T-shirts are the heavy, of course, because ya know, we can all keep like 350 of those around the house, but there's also some drinkware and the obligatory tote bag.

As the tagline says at the bottom of their online store, "Who says a reboot can't pack a punch?"

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