Friday, June 29, 2012

Spotted: Monte Markham and Marj Dusay

BRBTV has been loving a rewatching of the first season of the '70s "Hardy Boys / Nancy Drew Mysteries," courtesy of our friend Tracy. The DVD set has been a delightful trip back in time to these episodes we haven't seen since they originally aired. And seriously -- is that not one of the best TV theme songs ever?

Some great stars of classic television pop up in these episodes. We were intrigued to see Marj Dusay, the second Pamela Capwell of "Santa Barbara," in a smallish role in the Hardy Boys ep "The Disappearing Floor." Dusay is Dr. Janice Craddock, a polite, rather prim scientist seen by Frank and Joe Hardy in their investigation of the disappearance of another scientist. In March 1977, 11 years before she showed up on "SB," she's fresher of face and lovely in her clinician's stance, complete with lab coat.

We were also thoroughly entertained to see Monte Markham in "The Mystery of Pirate's Cove," the second episode of the series and the first one for Nancy Drew. Our former Clint Ogden of "Dallas" is gentlemanly and self-assured (and even called an "Adonis" by Nancy's friend George!) as a professor who travels from the West Coast to River Heights to purchase a spooky old lighthouse that seems to be inhabited by a ghost. He purports to be studying the paranormal phenomenon, but is there more to his story? Our former original Fallon Carrington of "Dynasty," Pamela Sue Martin, does some digging as the famous titian-haired amateur sleuth.

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