Thursday, April 20, 2017

Morgan Brittany: New book, new group

Could not love it more!!! Ms. Morgan Brittany, our own Katherine Wentworth of "Dallas," interviewed on Fox News just now as a vice-president and spokesperson for the group PolitiChicks. Brittany and two colleagues were commenting on the canceled college speaking engagement of conservative columnist Ann Coulter. Brittany has also just co-authored a book, "What Women Really Want."

This author got the chance to interview Brittany at an appearance in New Jersey a few years back, and what a sweet and gracious gal she is. Such a far cry from her evil character on "Dallas." And she was definitely keeping tabs on the newer "Dallas" show, airing on TNT at the time. "Katherine Wentworth is out there," she told me resolutely when I asked her about the possibility of her appearing on the series, which brought back so many of her castmates. Indeed, what a lost opportunity. Katherine could have really shaken things up -- and given the series more staying power beyond the unfortunate loss of Larry Hagman. And hello!!! -- Brittany looks wonderful, as evidenced this morning.

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