Sunday, April 02, 2017

The Universe of Evil has arrived! Check out the latest in the "Super Friends" line from Figures Toy Co. ...

Will ("The Voice Man") Rodgers is at it again, collecting so many fabulous goodies being released by Figures Toy Co. You've seen his collection in the February 19, 2016 and January 21, 2017 posts on this blog. Now, it's more "Super Friends" love, and it should be, since Will is a big-time "Super Friends" fan and the author of the BRBTV guide "The Ultimate Super Friends Companion."

"Thought I'd share that the Evil Super Friends figures from the 1979 episode 'Universe of Evil' arrived today," Will says. "Some pics I took are what I call the episode or the battle we never got. Enjoy the pics :)"

Share your love of the "Super Friends," by the way, on Will's Facebook group, DC Comics Classic Animation: The Saturday Morning Era Fan Page.

Photos courtesy of Will Rodgers;
please do not copy without permission.

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