Monday, June 26, 2006

Ally Walker stars in new HBO drama

Ally Walker, who played Andrea Bedford on "Santa Barbara," has a new drama series on her plate for this fall. HBO has signed on to the drama pilot of "SexLife," the Hollywood Reporter says. Walker will play Katie in the TV series, which is described as a "racy drama about three couples with intimacy issues," the report says. Cynthia Mort, who penned the pilot, is executive-producing with Gavin Polone. The number of episodes HBO will pick up is yet to be determined.

Walker's recent work includes episodes of f/X's "The Shield" and NBC's "ER" this year, and she was the "Profiler" in the late 1990s on NBC. (The latter series also featured her "SB" costar A Martinez.)

BRBTV News Blog Blip: Remember to catch "Desolation Canyon" this Saturday on the Hallmark Channel, where you'll see our own Patrick Duffy (Bobby Ewing of "Dallas") and the aforementioned A Martinez! Check out the February 10 post of the BRBTV News Blog for photos and more details!

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Anonymous said...

sex life is the right show for Ms. Ally Walker, because judging by the tremendous volume of gossip buzzing around Los Angeles during the shooting years of Profiler, apparently there was no man on the set that Ms. Walker could possibly leave untouched. Her sexual appetites were apparently voracious, and extended to nearly every producer and writer on the show, allegedly, according to at least one producer I spoke with who declined her approaches. Considering she had a newborn child and a husband at the time, she may well have been the model for Desperate Housewives. I myself first met Ally Walker when she was in her 20s, and she was unspeakably tall and beautiful then, and spoke in a husky voice reminiscent of Lauren Bacall. She was dating Gregory Peck's son Anthony Peck then. To sum up, Ally Walker is a beautiful woman, a great actress, and she sure knows a lot about "SexLife" and Hollywood Babylon.

--name witheld on request