Thursday, June 22, 2006

Check out James Best in "Hot Tamale"

It looks like a lot of fun: James Best plays Grandpa in a new film, "Hot Tamale," which just premiered this month at the Boston and Winnipeg film festivals and which comes out on DVD soon.

Check out the official website: You can see Best in the cast clips, read his acting bio and see him in the photo gallery. The movie's cast also includes Jason Priestly, Carmen Elektra and Randy Spelling (yes, son of "Dynasty" producer Aaron, brother of Tori).

A bit from the movie's synopsis: "A small sleepy town in Wyoming is just no place for a young man with dreams of playing the timbale drums in a salsa band. Seizing his destiny, Harlan (Randy Spelling) packs up his car, bids the Midwest adios, and heads west to the Mecca of showbiz wannabes everywhere: Los Angeles."

The film is directed and written by soap hunk Michael Damian, with some help from his wife, Janeen Damian, who just happens to be Best's daughter. Janeen, by the way, starred as Mary Lou in the "Dukes" episode "A Baby for the Dukes." She's had an interesting career, from Solid Gold dancer to stunt double!

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