Thursday, June 01, 2006

Learn a little more about "Legends"

Linda Evans and Joan Collins, together again ... in a manner of speaking! Ooooh, we like the sound of that, don't we, "Dynasty" fans? Well, thanks to fellow author Judith Moose for posting the word on "Dynasty" fan forums on the newly launched website for Evans' and Collins' live show "Legends," which begins in Toronto this September:

Click over and you'll hear the fun sound bytes and see the lovely images of these two fine actresses, who are playing a couple feuding characters reminiscent of their "Dynasty" days. The site also features some nice write-ups from national publications.

"Legends," which will also hit Philly, San Diego, Chicago and other U.S. spots, is a revival of the 1986 stage comedy that originally starred Carol Channing and Mary Martin (the mom of our "Dallas" icon Larry Hagman). The show "centers on two somewhat desperate and waning movie stars named Sylvia (played by Collins) and Leatrice (played by Evans)," according to the site. "Both actresses are courted by an unscrupulous young producer to star together in a Broadway show, despite the fact that they have hated each other for decades." Yummy!

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