Friday, June 23, 2006

"Dallas" filming update

The City of Dallas has been lobbying to bring the filming of the new big-screen "Dallas" adaptation to their fair town, waging a "Shoot J.R. in Dallas" PR campaign. Well, perhaps their efforts have paid off, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

"Prison Break," Fox's daring drama that has been garnering a lot of attention lately (and which BRBTV affectionately calls "Prison Boys") is moving its shooting from Chicago to Dallas, now that its convict characters have broken out of the prison its first season was centered on, a prison that Joliet Correctional Center in Chicago had provided the backdrop for. In a story in the Hollywood Reporter, Janis Burklund, director of the Dallas Film Commission, talks about not just this new "Prison Break" shooting but also some other Dallas shooting news: It looks like the big-screen version of "Dallas" will shoot up to four weeks in the city, with the rest of the shoot taking place in Louisiana.

"I would have liked to have gotten the whole film," Burklund was quoted as saying, "but given that the large studio films are so intent on incentives, I'm actually fairly happy, because initially we were only going to get four or five days of it. We got a significant bump up, so I feel good about that."

She adds: "We've been fighting a battle of getting state incentives in place to combat what Louisiana and New Mexico and some of the others are doing. Hopefully this will help in our battle to get our legislators to understand what we need."

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