Monday, December 04, 2006

Art Hindle in new movie

He's kept up some pretty steady work in recent years, and now the man who played the slimy Jeff Farraday on "Dallas" has a new movie project.

Art Hindle shares the screen with Michael Clarke Duncan, Eric Roberts and Ned Bellamy in "One Way," which just had its debut at the Hollywood Film Festival. The film is directed and written by Reto Salimbeni. Lauren Lee Smith of the syndicated "Mutant X" also stars.

The plotline from the IMDb: "To cover up his infidelities and protect his upcoming marriage, a star advertiser helps free an accused rapist by giving a false alibi and suffers the brutal revenge of the victim." The Hollywood Reporter has a little more on the film:

You can also see Hindle, by the way, in the holiday movie "Fallen Angel," which airs on Sunday, December 10 and Wednesday, December 20 on the Hallmark Channel. The 2003 TV movie also stars Gary Sinise and Joely Richardson.

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