Wednesday, December 20, 2006

BRBTV birthdays this week

- Brad Pitt, who was a very youthful Randy, boyfriend to Charlie, in one of his very first roles, on "Dallas," turned 43 on Monday, December 18.
- Karen Moncrieff, who played Cassandra Benedict on "Santa Barbara," turns 43 today, December 20.
- Jared Martin, our own Dusty Farlow of "Dallas," turns 63 tomorrow, December 21.
- John Callahan, who was Craig Hunt on "SB," turns 53 on Saturday, December 23.
- Susan Lucci, the evil Hillary Taylor in the latter years of "Dallas," has a birthday on Saturday, December 23, as well, turning 60 (although one of our sources says 58).

Happy birthday to all!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for celebrating Jared's birthday! Loved him in Dallas but he makes an even better Varian in "The Fantastic Journey" 1977. If you haven't seen please help us get it released by signing the petition above.