Thursday, December 07, 2006

Jack Coleman keeps up with his "Dynasty" family

Jack Coleman, our second Steven Carrington of "Dynasty," keeps in touch with Emma Samms (his on-screen sis as the second Fallon Carrington), Gordon Thomson (his on-screen bro, Adam Carrington) and John James (his on-screen bro-in-law, Jeff Colby) these days. That's one of the things he told TV Guide in a recent interview. The chatter, promoting Coleman's current juicy role on NBC's primetime drama hit "Heroes," touched on the actor's "Dynasty" days, too.

"It was quite daring at that time," Coleman says of Steven, whose homosexuality was key to quite a few storylines on the show. "I think the only other gay character in a series was Billy Crystal on 'Soap.'" (Our other Steven, Al Corley, noted that same thing in the "Dynasty Reunion" special earlier this year.) "But [Steven] was so timid by today's standards, especially looking at what's on cable, with 'The L Word'" (on which the first Fallon, Pamela Sue Martin, has appeared, BRBTV notes), "'Queer as Folk' and shows like that. 'Dynasty' now seems unbelievably quaint."

You can read the whole interview at{301DC1FF-48F6-4260-8270-86D9F52B2E0A}. It's got some great insight into "Heroes," if you're a fan, as BRBTV is.

Meanwhile, rumors of the long-awaited (and increasingly fought for) second-season DVD release of "Dynasty" are swirling ... TVShowsonDVD added some fuel to the fire recently. Stay tuned ...

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