Friday, December 22, 2006

Ultimate Dynasty site gets a snazzy redesign

For "Dynasty" fans familiar with the Ultimate Dynasty site, it's been a long wait, a wait relegated to just the message board of the site while the other pages were redesigned. The wait was a couple of years, truth be told. But now, at last, the redesign is complete, and the site is looking better than ever.

You'll see a sprinkling of news on the home page, features on the 2006 reunion movie and the current "Legends" show of the TV series' two leading ladies. The site, which turned five years old this past June, has complete bios on all the stars, as well as info on the production crew and episodes synopses and other goodies. The full-color photos are nice and lush, and be sure to check out the well-regarded "Dynasty" family tree.

Congratulations to Goran Markovic for his hard work with the site! Now "Dynasty" fans have both Ultimate Dynasty and nicely designed to hang out at. (And if you have another "Dynasty"-related fan site you'd like to tell us about, post it to the comments forum, or send an email to!)

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