Thursday, March 08, 2007

"Twilight Zone" radio show features classic TV stars

Didya know that stars from some of the BRBTV shows pop up on a radio version of the classic "Twilight Zone" TV show? And didya know that you can listen to the radio show on the Internet?

The show comes out of WGN Radio of Chicago. It's narrated by Stacy Keach of Fox's "Prison Boys" (ooops -- we mean, "Prison Break"), and each episode features some cool TV actor or actress. John Schneider of "The Dukes of Hazzard," for instance, stars in the episode, “Death Ship,” where three astronauts from Earth discover a wrecked duplicate of their spaceship on a distant planet with their own dead bodies inside. Morgan Brittany, our own Katherine Wentworth of "Dallas," stars in an episode called "Mirror Image," where a woman named Millicent Barnes (ironic last name, we'd say) discovers her double at a train station and begins to think that the double is trying to take her place. Brittany also stars in "The Passersby," about the march home of a group of Civil War soldiers. (And, as the WGN radio show's website notes, Brittany starred in three original episodes of the classic TV show.)

Peter Mark Richman, who is a BRBTV triple shot as the original C.C. Capwell on "Santa Barbara," Maynard Anderson on "Dallas" and Andrew Laird on "Dynasty," stars in the episode "He's Alive," about small-time neo-Nazi leader Peter Vollmer.

Catch the full episode schedule at the show's website. The episodes, which air at midnight Saturdays, are also available for purchase.

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