Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Yes, "Batman: The Animated Series" is part of this news blog, too!

Holy Newsflash, Batman! It's an actual news item about "Batman: The Animated Series," which BRBTV published an Amazon Short for a few months back and claims is part of this BRBTV News Blog, along with the other fine classic BRBTV shows ...

Well, OK, OK, BRBTV does love "Batman: TAS" just as much as the other classic TV shows it covers; make no mistake. And there are some happenings on the news front related to the show, or at least related to the legacy that the show created when it launched in the early '90s, as well as the Bat-phenomenon as a whole ...

First up, it's the release this month of Season 2 of the fine "Justice League Unlimited," which evolved from "Batman: TAS" and utilized some of the same voices and definitely the same creative team. Find a review for the DVD here. Mark Hamill, the "Star Wars" icon who wowed Bat-fans of the '90s with his interpretation of the Joker, makes an appearance in the DVD set's extras.

Along the same lines, another animated series spawned by the immensely popular "Batman: TAS" is "Batman Beyond," the futuristic take that shows an aging Bruce Wayne and the kid he mentors to take on the Bat-mantle. "Batman Beyond" released its third and final season this month, as well, and you can find a review here. Extras of the DVD set include tidbits from actor Will Friedle, who voiced Terry, the new teen Batman. (Look for a BRBTV Amazon Short on "Batman Beyond," by the way, in the not-so-distant future.)

Animated Magazine does a little writeup on those two DVD releases here.

And, as if that wasn't enough Bat-joy, Warner Bros. digs back into its prize closet for "The New Adventures of Batman." No, this isn't "The New Batman Adventures," which "Batman: TAS" evolved into in later seasons (confused yet?). This is the old and grand Filmation stuff, the wonderful stuff of the '70s, featuring the voices of live-action heroes Adam West and Burt Ward as our Caped Crusaders, no less. TVShowsonDVD.com has the official press release from the WB. The two-disc set will cost $26.99 and will release on June 26. The set of 16 episodes, which originally aired on CBS, include the fiery-tressed Batgirl, as well.

And, for a capper on this whole Bat-tribute, see one blogger's take on "Batman: The Animated Series" and its legacy here at Shangrila Towers, a post that includes a couple fun video clips, too.

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