Monday, May 07, 2007

Deborah Shelton: "Surprise, Surprise"

It's no "Surprise, Surprise" that someone as beautiful as this former Miss USA can keep herself busy in the acting world years after her splash as J.R. Ewing's mistress Mandy Winger on "Dallas." And now Deborah Shelton has completed "Surprise, Surprise," a drama film written and directed by Jerry Turner.

"I play an aging movie star, and she's a real ballsy broad!" Shelton told Erik Bloom in an interview for her official website, "I haven't had a role that ballsy since I was kicking a** as a cyborg in 'Nemesis'!"

Shelton's character is named Junie Hannah. Learn a little more about the film here and at the SeaVue Films site.

Shelton also worked on the film "The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" last year (with Tracy Scoggins of "The Colbys," as this blog reported back then) and has been doing commercial work and auditioning for other roles. The Norfolk, Virginia-born beauty has also been promoting the Entre Derm Skincare System, an anti-wrinkle product.

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