Monday, May 21, 2007

Motor City Mania: An overview

Wowzers ... BRBTV is coming up for air after three solid days of fun at the Motor City Comic Con in sunny (though at times brisk) Novi, Michigan. What a great show, and a great time, chatting with folks from all over the place. Thanks to all those who came by BRB's table and opened up some great geek vortexes with chatter about classic television and modern television and just all kinds of television. It was like heaven for BRB!

Special thanks to the celebrities who came by the "Dukes of Hazzard" museum and car display and posed and chatted. You'll see some of their photos below and more later this week, including the culmination on Friday, with the "BRBTV Most Congenial in Show" Award. (He's a classic TV guy you'll certainly know!)

Thanks, also, to the two big, adorable teddy bears at who had the sheer audacity to ask just what special ability Cooter would have if he were on NBC's "Heroes"! (Do you know? We had to say he'd be able to "fix" mechanical things like little Micah does.) Check out the blogs of these guys, who go by the handles Strongbad and Jotham Knight.

And many thanks, as always, to Paul and Cheryl Harrington of the Canadian Dukes of Hazzard Fan Club, as well as all their Duke cousins -- Mike the "Knight Rider" Maniac, Jason the Duke of Duke, Cousin Don and his Hazzard County cop car, Doug of the "Mad Max"-mobile. It was fun to hang, as per usual!

Now ... on to some photos ... Stay tuned all week for special Motor City Mania reports ...

One of the Hazzard County sheriff cars is brought in on Friday.

BRB's display included first and second editions of the print version of "Them Dukes! Them Dukes!", as well as e-book versions on CD.

Felix Silla, who played the alien visitor in the "Dukes" episode "Strange Visitor to Hazzard," stopped by the display to pose for photos.

The "Dukes" museum display includes props used in the original series.

Matthew Atherton, aka "Feedback" of "Who Wants to Be a Superhero," came in at the end of the day Friday and was only too happy to get in character at the General Lee. He told BRBTV that the Sci Fi Saturday-night movie featuring him was filmed in Bulgaria in October and will be airing in July. But as far as the title of the film ... his cute little smiling lips were sealed.

A couple cars from the "Mad Max" movies, including this black beauty moving into position on Friday, attracted a lot of attention during the three days.

What's a comic con without Herbie the Love Bug, anyhow?

Photos by Billie Rae Bates; copy to your own website with credit, if you like. If you are interested in higher-resolution copies, email us.


Eric said...

Audacity?!? come on, I thought that was a great question... given that we all know the best heroes on "HEROES" are not obvious with their powers... I liked your second answer best, that Cooter's powers would be suggestive in nature (not unlike Eden). Billie Rae, I enjoyed my talk with you and checking out where you have been and where you are headed, you have a great thing going... Keep on rocking upward and onward... YEEEEE HAWWW!
Eric (aka Strongbad)

P.S. What about Roscoe? or Enus? Would they have powers?

Greg said...

Big ditto on the good times. I'm currently working on getting the interview posted.
I, for one, would want to see Uncle Jesse with have some kind of power. Maybe prehensile hair. BEARD OF DEATH!! said...

So fun!!!! And yes, indeed, if it were my world, I would only bestow the power of mind control / suggestion on a person who has his heart in the right place, like good ole Cooter.

Rosco? ... Hmmm ... I think Rosco already has the power to communicate with animals. Look at the way he just seems to read Flash's mind and know her every doggie need!

Eric said...

very nice, Rosco being the animal whisperer.

If Hazzard county had a Linderman. that would have to be Boss Hogg... hmmmmm, could hog be in with Mrs. Petrelli?