Friday, May 04, 2007

Hair Dare Dukes Day: an update

Have we mentioned that you should make your travel plans now to visit Ontario, Canada, in August? Sure we have! And we'll do it again! Right now, actually!

Here is the updated poster for the Hair Dare Dukes Day event on August 10-12, a great time for a great cause -- the Canadian Cancer Society and the good work they do to stop the pain and terror of cancer ...

Download it, print it, give some to your friends. The poster has been updated to reflect the loss of Jack Gordon, aka "Honest" John Ledbetter of "The Dukes of Hazzard" pilot, who had been scheduled to be a guest at the event. He will now be honored with a special memorial service. Also, Paul Casey, "Dukes" fan and Elvis extraordinnaire, has been added to the lineup. This is the good work of the Canadian Dukes of Hazzard Fan Club, and it's the fifth annual event for the cause.

The event is getting better and better all the time! Join us!

And can we just say ... 9.9 million dollars on John Schneider's General Lee, with five hours left to go today!!?!!?!? Holy-heckin'-cow!!!!!!!!!!!! John Schneider, you're sure gonna be able to make one GREAT sequel to "Collier & Co.: Hot Pursuit!"

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