Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Motor City Mania: Richard Anderson

To us "Dynasty" fans, Richard Anderson was Buck Fallmont, the long-suffering and rather homophobic father of Bart Fallmont and Clay Fallmont. But now, years later, confusion with that "MacGyver"/"Stargate SG-1" guy aside, when you think Richard Anderson, you think Bionic. Keeping Steve Austin and Jaime Sommers "running" smoothly, so to speak, is what this classic actor is best known for.

Looking about as tan as his "Dynasty" costar George Hamilton, and speaking much more softly than you would imagine, Anderson took the time to chat with BRBTV at his table at the Motor City Comic Con. And what did we talk about? That new "Bionic Woman" series NBC is rolling out in the fall, of course! Anderson told BRBTV that he will not be appearing in the new series. "Were you offered a role?" we asked. Anderson smiled.

"Lindsay and I decided we're going to pass on that one," he said, referring to his "Bionic Woman" costar Lindsay Wagner. He's read the script for the new series, however, and he told us he does think they have a good thing going with it. "It's a good story," he affirmed. "They should do well."

Anderson has kept up with both Wagner and Lee Majors over the years. He shared with us that Majors will call him now and then, joking on the other end of the line that "This is Steve." Majors, who has reprised his "Six Million Dollar" schtick in a TV commercial ("beep-beep-beep-beep-beep ...."), as well as on the Sci Fi series "Jake 2.0," was actually planning to do a commercial at one time with Anderson, where both men would be their "Bionic" selves.

Signing full-color glossies at his table -- accompanied by Kenner's 12-inch Oscar Goldman doll from the '70s (which BRB owns, as well, along with Jaime, Steve and the more-obscure FemBot!) -- Anderson might not have been wearing that trademark checker-plaid jacket, but he's certainly still Bionic after all these years.

Photos by Billie Rae Bates / BRBTV
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