Thursday, May 10, 2007

"Dynasty" star roundup: They've got it goin' on!

Ahhhhh, to stay working, in this ever-changing, ever-fallen world ...

The BRBTV News Blog does a check-in with some of our faves from "Dynasty," and the gigs they've got going on now. Of course, we all know about our handsome second Steven Carrington, Jack Coleman, and his great role on NBC's "Heroes," so we'll move right along to the others:

Gordon Thomson: Our dashing and dastardly Adam Carrington played Larry Sugarman in the comedy film "Little Miss Sunshine." the story of a family desperately trying to get their little girl into a beauty pageant.

Catherine Oxenberg: Our original Amanda Carrington is Leandra Thames on My Network TV's "Watch Over Me," which also stars her hubby, Casper Van Dien. The hourlong drama airs weekdays at 9 p.m. EST.

Diahann Carroll: The lovely Dominique Devereaux has a recurring role as Jane Burke on ABC's smash hit "Grey's Anatomy," airing Sundays at 10 p.m. EST.

Terri Garber: Our former Leslie Carrington continues to play Iris Dumbrowski on "As the World Turns," every weekday at 2 p.m. on CBS.

Bill Campbell: The actor who played Luke Fuller has been portraying Wayne Callison on CBS' Thursday-night "Shark."

Tracy Scoggins: Monica Colby is working on a new "Babylon 5" project, "Babylon 5: The Lost Tales -- Voices in the Dark."

Joel Fabiani: That enigmatic King Galen of Moldavia has reprised his 1999 role as Barry Shire on ABC's "All My Children," 2 p.m. weekdays.

Ken Howard has all kinds of movies and stuff coming out of his ears; see our April 11 post.

And as a side note, Ed Marinaro, our own Cray Boyd, has unfortunately canceled his appearance at this month's Motor City Comic Con. He'll be on location filming a movie, so watch for more info on that.

That's a general rundown; watch for more details on a couple additional "Dynasty" stars in the next week or two ...

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