Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Anthony De Longis has been doing more than "Double Duty" over the years

In "The Dukes of Hazzard" episode "Enos and Daisy's Wedding," he played Slade, and before that, in the episode "The Hazzardgate Tape," he was Norton. On "Santa Barbara," we know him as the evil Leo Mitchell, tormenter of Michael Donnelly and the poor (?) Laura Asher. He's longtime actor and stunt guy Anthony De Longis.

The California-born De Longis is also a weapons trainer and a master at the sword, which hasn't seemed to hurt his Hollywood career. He's even ventured into the "Star Trek" universe: If you're a fan of "Voyager," you've seen him as Kazon leader First Maje Culluh. Based in Los Angeles and Vancouver, De Longis is, interestingly enough, the whip expert who taught Michelle Pfeiffer how to swing a gracefully exact bullwhip in "Batman Returns," his official site says. And we certainly do recall the reports of Pfeiffer studying hard with that thing!

Now De Longis has a 2008 project going, the movie "Double Duty." He plays Dirk in the action comedy, sharing the screen with Karen Black, Tom Sizemore, Connie Stevens and his fellow "SB" star Ismael Carlo, who was our longtime Rueben Andrade on the soap. The movie is about a female major who leaves the Marine Corp but keeps getting pulled into "combat" of sorts in her relationships.

To learn more about "Double Duty," and to view the long trailer that shows both De Longis and Carlo in action, check the film's official site.

BRBTV News Blog Blip: De Longis' cohorts at "SB," meanwhile, are seeing their own more-modern success. Brian Frons, who is the president of Disney ABC Television Group's Daytime division, and whom we can fondly remember as the very humorous "God" in the fantasy sequences of Mason Capwell / Sonny Sprockett in Heaven, has just announced a second season request for the SoapNet show "General Hospital: Night Shift." Jill Farren Phelps, another "SB" alum, is executive-producing the sister show, "General Hospital." Just joining the "Night Shift" series is writer Lisa De Cazotte, who worked as a coordinating producer on "SB." The Futon Critic has SoapNet's official release.

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