Friday, May 23, 2008

Motor City Mania: And the award for the nicest celebrity goes to ...

... Mr. Erik Estrada!!!!! You knew it, didn't you? I mean, c'mon, he had us at "hello" on Friday afternoon! Never mind the fact that BRB was quite madly in love with him when "CHiPs" originally aired in the late '70s. Never mind the fact that he's hot-hot-hot right now, as we speak (type, actually) and doesn't look a day over 35. Yea ... never mind all of that.

So, for his friendliness and personality and charm, for his endless supply of jokes, for his racing around the convention hall on an amigo saying "It's my money and I need it now!" and for other assorted antics, we hereby bestow on Erik Estrada BRBTV's Most Congenial in Show Award for the 2008 Motor City Comic Con.

We can't share the joke the Estrada just made before BRB's bro shot these photos, but it certainly is clear that we swoon! We swoon!!!!!

And we certainly couldn't post Mr. Estrada's award without including this fun photo of him and Krista ...

Meow! If you want another glimpse of last weekend's show, hop on over to the Gaylord (Mich.) Herald Times, where Kurt Kolka has some photos and reminiscences.

Photos by Scott Bates except for bottom photo by BRB.
Copying with credit is OK; a link would be grand!

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Robert said...

Oh to be Eric Estrada that day... Lucky dog he was... :)