Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Seen on eBay: A "Santa Barbara" script straight from an actress' hands

Actress Marilyn Pitzer was hired by the casting director of "Santa Barbara" to play a matron at the jail on the soap in spring 1992. Now, Pitzer is selling her script on eBay:

"This was my first and only experience with the soap world," Pitzer writes on the script's listing page. "My hat is off to these incredible actors. They work hard, and the memorization they do is unbelievable."

The script's episode, which taped on March 25, 1992, aired on April 8, 1992 and was labeled as Episode 1941, featured Gina in jail after using a feminist group to get revenge on her ex, C.C. Capwell. C.C. then hires an actress to pose as Gina's troublesome cellmate, Annie.

The script was at $15.50 with four bids as of posttime, with two days and two hours to go.

Also in the "SB" realm today ... a little tidbit about the dobermans who starred on the show ... scroll down:


brbtvnewslover said...

Really??? Man I miss that soap so much and was devastated, well, as much as any soap fan would be, when the show was canceled. Thanks for reminding me of the good times!

A loyal reader

BRBTV.com said...

Hey, thanks for the note.