Friday, May 09, 2008

Eric Roberts keeps the ball rolling beyond "The Dark Knight"

Ahhhh .... Eric Roberts. We remember when this hunky actor was hot in the late '80s and Julia Roberts was known as "Eric Roberts' sister." Now that Eric has long since become "Julia Roberts' brother," we still have to show appreciation for this underutilized talent. In the "Batman: The Animated Series" realm, we know him as Mongul of the "Justice League" series.

We eagerly await Roberts' appearance in "The Dark Knight" in July, which appears to be in that mobster vein he's fit quite well into, over the years. Until then, though, we'll note a few other things he's got in the hopper ...

"The Spy and the Sparrow" is in postproduction and scheduled for 2009 release. Roberts' character is Robert Byrne in this one, and he's joined by yet another BRBTV actor, Grant Goodeve, who portrayed Chris Deegan on "Dynasty." The drama, filming in Seattle, tells the tale of a CIA agent estranged from his wife and his daughter. Find a fact sheet here.

A classic short story by one of the BRBTV's very favorite authors provides the basis for "Edgar Allan Poe's Ligeia." Roberts portrays Vaslov in this tale of a beautiful woman who bewitches a writer (Wes Bentley) in her attempt to fight her own mortality.

Roberts plays a dad in "Royal Kill," a tale of a teenage girl in America who finds out that she is the last living heir to the Kingdom of Samarza -- and is in the sights of an assassin. Watch the official website for updates.

Roberts sticks with the crime thriller genre with this year's "Kingshighway," where he plays Frank Monviano, and "Dark Honeymoon," where he's billed as an "L.A. guy." The latter features Roy Scheider, Tia Carrere and Daryl Hannah.

BRBTV News Blog Blip: Finally, in honor of Friday and all that TGIF stuff ... We've got a quick and fun quiz to determine just which classic '80s TV show your personality matches with. (And yes, our faves "Dallas," "Dynasty" and "The Dukes of Hazzard" are included!) Click on over to:

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