Monday, May 05, 2008

"Dukes" movie far behind her, Lynda Carter talks "Wonder Woman"

Any "Dukes of Hazzard" fan who regularly reads this news blog knows that we tend not to do too much with the 2005 and 2007 "Dukes" movies. We don't mean to be purist about it, really, and it's not that we didn't like those modern-day farcical attempts to capture the "Dukes" sentiment. We just don't really think about them much. But when we saw this item about Lynda Carter, who played Pauline, special friend of Uncle Jesse, in the 2005 flick, we just had to bring it to light. Carter to us symbolizes one-third of the Great Chick Triumverate of 1970s TV: "Wonder Woman," "The Bionic Woman," "Charlie's Angels." For her ever-lasting beauty, awesome Amazon princess power and pageant grace, Lynda Carter more than deserves some extra lauding.

Carter spent the past several days on a singing engagement in the San Francisco Bay area, and the local ABC affiliate had the deal:

In this video clip, Carter alludes to the new "Wonder Woman" movie that's been in the works for years (and hey, we never knew this dark-haired beauty is half-Hispanic). "I hope it's wildly successful, because it should be," she says of the big-screen project. "She's a great character. It's a great story."

She says of the wildly popular '70s TV series: "One of the things that I prided myself on back then was that when I got the role, I was determined that she would be portrayed in a way that was real, that women really got it, women really got that I was on their side. Not against anyone. But if their boyfriend looked at me, I'd smack him upside the head!"

Carter, by the way, has a starring role in this year's "Between Heaven and Earth," playing a rich widow.

And while we're mentioning the 2005 "Dukes" movie, we'll go ahead and jump on the massive no-end-in-sight Jessica Simpson bandwagon. has her talking about getting back into Daisy-Duke-bikini shape, while The Star in Malaysia mentions her (and pictures her) in an appreciation of the skimpy short in the world of fashion.

BRBTV News Blog Blip: We're coming off a pretty solid weekend of drooling over Robert Downey Jr.'s super-suave portrayal of Marvel Comics' "Iron Man." Ya know, he's an actor we really had forgotten about, but whew ... on the BRBTV Meowmeter, he ranks high. Just had to mention it!

This week in the My Mother's Clothing project: Jackie? Oh? No, not really. But her legacy lives on!

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