Thursday, July 03, 2008

DukesFest: Other fun stuff, part 1

Part of the fun at the 2008 DukesFest was the family-friendly area of carnival rides. They didn't subtitle it the Hazzard County Fair for nothing, ya know!

There was also an archery competition.

Aaaahhhh ... the carnage. Nothing like a wrecked car to give "Dukes" fans thrills. This is just one of the many fun scenes trackside at this year's DukesFest.

The 00 car made just a brief appearance in "The Dukes," but it made an impact nonetheless. BRB has had the pleasure of seeing this one at several shows, but this is the first time she actually got to meet its owner, Edmund (it's his bro Glenn that she usually chats with!). And what a delight that she got to josh with Edmund about the name of his flame-tressed beauty. You see, he thinks it's the "Double Zero" car, but she really knows it's the "Oh, Oh!" car!!!!!

"Been there, wrecked that" ... a T-shirt only a stunt guy could wear! Here Tom Sarmento of the Hazzard County Stunt Team is joined by Harold Duren on the left, owner (with his wife Dianne) of the well-known A Touch of Country shop on Covington's town square, and Aaron Varner, chairman of the County Commission, in the middle.

BRB's bud Will Rodgers, aka the "Voice Man," did some emceeing for the event. He's shown here at the watermelon eating contest. Will, who can impersonate any "Dukes of Hazzard" voice, as well as the characters of "Dallas," "All in the Family" and many others, is a man of many talents. He also helped BRB with editing the reference guide "Destination: Dallas," and he's currently collaborating with BRB on a new BRBTV Report.

By the way ... There does seem to be life after DukesFest; John Schneider was already movin' on to his next interview with ABC Macon News this week. Read Part 1 and Part 2 at their site.

Photos by Rose Marie King and Billie Rae Bates

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