Monday, July 14, 2008

Everything's coming up Batty, and we like it that way!

Unless you're living in a cave (and not a Batcave), you know that this week "The Dark Knight" releases in theaters. You also know that a new animated feature, "Batman: Gotham Knight" is out on DVD, Blu-Ray and all that jazz. Things are Batty all over, it seems, and we like it!

Bruce Timm, one of the "founding fathers" of the modern Bat-animated lore as a mastermind behind the "Batman: The Animated Series" and its many offshoots, gives a new interview to Comic Book Resources.

"We've already seen all different various media, so many different kinds of Batman, from Adam West to Christian Bale to all flavors in-between," Timm told the site. "You can go goofy with him, you can go really, really dark, cloth costume or armor, high-tech or low-tech. ... We were really gratified that some of the designers in Japan went a little bit further away from the traditional Batman then some people here in the states were really comfortable with. I had to kind of fight for it."

Kevin Conroy, meanwhile, who has provided the voice of Batman in these many animations, and before that portrayed Bart Fallmont on our beloved "Dynasty," is also talking about the new DVD movie. He did a Q&A phoner with

"I've never seen anything like this in terms of diverse and rich animation in the industry," he said of the collection of Bat-vignettes. "It's like getting six movies in one."

Gary Dourdan, whom we will certainly miss on "CSI," plays a detective in the movie. He talked to about voicing Crispus Allen.

"I was very flattered that they wanted me to do the voiceover," he said. "The animation on this is great. When I did 'Alien: Resurrection', a lot of the guys worked on planned production, and one of them was really into comic books and would draw all sorts of characters and I was impressed with his sketches."

And, of course, everyone in the pop-culture world has an opinion on the movie itself. Here, for your browsing pleasure, is a sprinkling:

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