Wednesday, July 02, 2008

DukesFest: The stars, yes, the stars

Of course, what brings so many people out to an event like DukesFest is the star factor. The BRBTV News Blog continues its weeklong DukesFest 2008 coverage with a photo glimpse at some of the famous faces we saw this past weekend ...

This year marked the first time that DukesFest invited classic TV stars from shows other than "The Dukes of Hazzard." This meant a chance to meet Lee Meriwether, above, and Adam West, below, who starred in the 1960s "Batman" big-screen movie. West, of course, also played Batman throughout the well-loved series' three-season run, while Meriwether only played Catwoman for the megawatt movie, while Julie Newmar and Eartha Kitt took on the role of the purrrrrrrfect villainess in the TV show. West and Meriweather were seated near each other on one end of an event building at the Atlanta Motor Speedway.

Miss Jo McLaney of Covington got to meet all her faves at this year's event. Here, she pauses a moment with Sonny Shroyer, our own Enos Strate.

Don Pedro Colley, who portrayed Sheriff Ed Little and makes quite a few appearances these days, had a nice long autograph line at DukesFest.

BRBTV is just delighted that Byron Cherry -- known to us "Dukes" fans as Coy Duke -- made his very first appearance at DukesFest. We are continually impressed with Byron's personable demeanor every time we see him. He also returned to Covington on Sunday night to sign autographs for fans, accompanied by his sweet wife and an Atlanta friend or two. That's Mr. Wayne Wooten, organizer of the Hillbilly Woodstick 2 Dukes of Hazzard Cruise, in the white shirt in the foreground.

Hmmm ... Now what do you suppose that fuss is all about? Fans crowded around those dark windows to try to catch a peek -- maybe even a shot -- at the person on the other side. Have you guessed it yet? The star who would get the most oooohing and aaaaahing at this particular event??????

Why, it's our gentle host John-John, of course! Who else but Bo Duke !?!?!?!!

Jo McLaney also got a chance to pose with Bo, who couldn't take a bad picture if he tried! Below, Schneider helps emcee some of the trackside festivities at the event. He just knows he drives us all crazy when he wears that Bo shirt!

Photos by Rose Marie King and Billie Rae Bates (thanks, Rose!)

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