Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Have you seen Lesley-Anne Down's new website?

What's that grand, stirring music you hear when you click on over to LesleyAnneDown.com? Ahhhh ... yes ... we remember it now .... the theme from that fabulous '80s miniseries "North and South," in which the lovely Lesley-Anne Down portrayed Madeline, the Southern belle who had to overcome a heckuva lotta obstacles to be with her true love, portrayed by Patrick Swayze. The epic miniseries, spawning further TV treatments inspired by its author, John Jakes, really put Down on the map.

Later, though, we knew her as Stephanie Rogers, PR gal extraordinnaire, on "Dallas." These days, Down stars on "The Bold and the Beautiful," and she's done a lot of other soap work over the years.

This summer has been busy for Down, however, in terms of cyberspace. She now has a YouTube channel devoted to her videos (there is some "Dallas" presence there), and you can now join a new fan club in honor of her. The star also has a blog right here on this very blog haven, Blogger.

Cast your vote in the poll on what Down should focus on next in her career, view a lush gallery of lovely images, catch the latest news on her career, sign the guestbook and much more in this amped-up site.

And speaking of "Dallas," the Ultimate Dallas news page has an update on the feature film remake, as well as some snapshots of Linda Gray and Joan Van Ark attending a Screen Actors Guild honor event for Aaron Spelling, the mastermind behind our beloved "Dynasty" and so many other things.

Stay tuned ... we'll have another "Dallas" connection for you later this week ... a check-in with Nicolas Coster, who not only filled the roles of Lyle Sloan and Joe Morris on our beloved show, but was the amazing Lionel Lockridge on "Santa Barbara" ...

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fanofLesley said...

No, I hadn't but just went and looked. I didn't realize that she was on all of those shows. I wish B&B would use her more often - fabulous actress!