Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Bat-animated series voice actors have lots of new projects going on

Didya know Mark Hamill was in that "Star Wars" series of movies? If you're a big fan of "Batman: The Animated Series," you might have to stop and think about it a bit, because to you Hamill is the voice of the Joker, taking the Clown Prince of Crime far, far, far down into the path of madness years before Heath Ledger did. Now Hamill, along with some others from "B: TAS" and its various offshoots, will be appearing in some brand-new projects for this year.

"Conan: Red Nails" is an animated movie following the continuing tales of the strongman Conan of Cimmeria. Ron Perlman, who voiced Clayface in "B: TAS," gets the title role in this one. He's joined by Hamill, as Tolkemec, and Cree Summer, who voiced Max in "Batman Beyond," as Valeria. Clancy Brown, the voice of Lex Luthor in the various Bat-animated series as well as Big-Time in "Batman Beyond" and Mr. Freeze in the newer "The Batman," is Olmec.

Part of the movie's plotline, from its official site: "After a brutal war in the evil land of Stygia, Conan crosses harsh desert and trackless jungle with Valeria, a blonde, sexy and very dangerous buccaneer. Together, they stumble across Xuchotl, a fabulous lost city rising from the burning sands -- where no city should ever exist. Even more ominous is the creature guarding the city's black walls: a huge, monstrous dragon resurrected from ancient bones." The story was originally published in the pulp magazine Weird Tales in 1936.

"Spawn: The Animation" is a TV series that has been in development for four years. It reunites Hamill, Brown and Summer from the above project, and it adds in Jon Polito, who voiced the Major in the "Batman Beyond" episode "Betrayal," and Michael Jai White, the voice of Doomsday in the "Superman" animated series. "Spawn" creator Todd McFarlane serves as an executive producer. You can learn a little more about it at the Spawn site.

"The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon" is a video game and another project in development for Hamill. He voices Malefor the Dark Master and is joined by Gary Oldman, Christina Ricci, Wayne Bradey and Elijah Wood. Learn more at the game's official site.

BRBTV News Blog Blip: Fredric Lehne, who no doubt had a great time terrorizing Lucy Ewing as Eddie Cronin on "Dallas," has a con appearance coming up. He'll meet-and-greet at the EyeCon celebrity autograph convention in Orlando, Florida, on September 26-28, for his role on the CW's "Supernatural."

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