Monday, September 08, 2008

Who's working for the new TV season? A rundown

Oh ... to be working. Some are, and some aren't, among classic TV stars. Here's a glimpse at the stars of our various BRBTV shows who have a brand-new gig for the upcoming small-screen season ...

Ed Begley Jr.
(Dr. Peter Corso on the "Batman Beyond" episode "April Moon"; Germs and Charlie Michael Collins on "Batman: The Animated Series")
Portraying Walter Krandall on "Gary Unmarried" on CBS.

Ron Perlman
(Clayface on "Batman: The Animated Series" and "Justice League"; Jax-Ur on the animated "Superman")
Taking the title role in "Hellboy Animated: The Phantom Claw."
Portraying Clay Morrow in "Sons of Anarchy" on f/X.

Ted McGinley
(Clay Fallmont on "Dynasty"; Tom Turbine and Burns on "Justice League")
Competing on ABC's "Dancing With the Stars."

Susan Lucci
(Hillary Taylor / Sheila Foley on "Dallas")
Competing on ABC's "Dancing With the Stars."

Kevin Michael Richardson
(Several voices in "Batman Beyond" and "Justice League"; Carlton Duquesne in the "Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman" movie)
Voicing Lester in Fox's midseason "The Cleveland Show."

Amy Acker
(Huntress in "Justice League")
Portraying Dr. Claire Saunders in Fox's midseason "Dollhouse."

Ian McShane
(Don Lockwood of "Dallas")
Portraying King Silas on NBC's midseason "Kings."

BRBTV News Blog Blip: Joan Collins, meanwhile, has her own new gig. Our former Alexis Colby, who on "Dynasty" was also involved in the newspaper biz, is penning a new column in the Sunday Telegraph in the U.K. She had been doing some writing for one of the Telegraph's holdings, the Spectator, and, of course, is a novelist.

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